Pop* Music

this is a collection of less institutionalized music I've made. Often no scores exist for these. getting to write text to be sung feels less strange when done in a more informal context. pop is a difficult term as most are aware, but this work feels distinct enough from the rest that it gets its own page.

this is a band I used to run called LOOFT. I did a lot of the songwriting.

Michaela Blanchard - vox; Lucy McKnight - vox + vcl; Tim Cummins - bss; Michael Beltran - synth; me - gtr

I wrote this tune for Leather Tramp and then never really got a good performance. A few years and a rewrite or two late, I was at a high school music camp, and called a scratch ensemble. I play guitar and sing.

This was a studio collab with singer Alyssa Keyne to cover one of my favorite Dylan tunes.

Tim Cummins (bassist from LOOFT) and I wrote and recorded an album in 24 hours, this was one of the better songs from it