I’ve helped out with Tuesdays @ Monk Space for a few years now and performed and brought on a few acts here and there

Concerts. by glen and zaq


was on campus at CSULB and featured students from the composition department, sculpture department, and dance department. The work was selected to comment on tenuousness, softness, and delicateness.


The second was similar and took place in Glen's living room. The works commented on domesticity, safety, and togetherness.

for Morton Feldman

took place in my backyard. We served tea and played a field recording based sound score that shared the structure of Morton Feldman's piano piece For Burita Marcus. It also featured dance, lights, and text.




a late night concert series 

an open cabaret type show held at midnight in the Daniel recital hall at CSULB. I took over with a team after Justin Scheid and Ed Park left for grad school. curation was more slap happy and a mixed bag, but the shows were a ton of fun. I ran about 12 of these concerts.